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Radio and TV Ads

We have a very substantial talent base, allowing us to find the best voiceover talent, male or female, for your project. We also have access to numerous music and sound effects libraries. And remember, quick turnaround is never a problem!

TV Promos

Take advantage of the same quick, no-hassle service as our commercial clients. We will get your liners back to you almost always on the same day*. Always multiple takes, no false takes to weed through. Plus very flexible terms...your choice of one flat monthly fee or per-line, whichever works best.

*Please note this applies to Allan's voice only since he is always here. Other talents also available but typically by schedule only.


Nothing establishes your identity like your own jingle, and it doesn't have to empty your pocketbook! We have access to some of the best writers and musicians in the industry, and can create a jingle for your company in any style imaginable.

OnHold/Phone Prompts

What do your customers hear when you put them on hold?

With a custom on-hold message from Southwest Recording Service, your clients hear what you want them to hear...tell them more about your business, or current specials...driving directions...all wrapped up in the style of music that best fits your customers! We can provide the playback hardware, or if you already have a system, we can provide you with the correct media.

Make sure your clients hear what you want them to hear when you place them on hold with an on-hold system from Southwest Recording Service.

For more information, please visit our our dedicated on-hold website.

Music Recording/Editing

Whether you're a skater, gymnast, or dancer, we know how important it is for your music to fit your routine. We've helped numerous performers customize their music to perfectly compliment their specific talents!